Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Long time!

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Just busy with life. I haven't even really taken the time to sit down and make any cards! I should really get on that if I want to finish my project in time for Christmas! I am still trying to find boxes to use. Stampin Up has some but they're just too much money for such a small box. And I was thinking it would be cool if they could be big enough to hold store bought cards for when they buy some fun cards/ run out of my lovely home made ones! If you have any ideas about where I could find a good card box, PLEASE let me know! I was thinking of just using photo boxes but they're not really tall enough.

On Sunday afternoon, I went to LBF's and scrapbooked with his fine Momma. It was so much fun! I only got one page done, but we came up with a general idea for another page. Expect a lot of sparkle haha! If you have any cute "love" or relationship quotes, share em with me! I don't want to journal on this specific page, and was thinking that a nice quote might be nice so the page isn't so empty.
(will post a pic of the finished page soon!)

A couple weekends ago, LBF and I helped my cousin and his wife move in to their new place. I'm so happy for them, and we've already been over to hang out and watch a hockey game. The random singing session was also fun! This is the card I made them :) (Don't mind the random foreground haha!)