Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Quest to Organization - Part I - Paperwork

I have a really long way to go with organizing, and am inviting you on my journey! This journey will cover a range of topics; from de-cluttering, to storage, to sorting paperwork.

For some reason, paperwork just clutters my whole room. You can find a sheet of paper on any furniture surface on any given day. I even bought a basket to start putting these loose papers in until I find the time/a home for them. Problem is, that basket has been reassigned to another duty! I will be emptying the basket out tonight to give it back the original task of housing random paper.

Hello cute file folder!
(found this beauty at Wal-mart!)

A few months ago, I bought this expanding file folder to try and organize some paperwork and finances. I set it up by month to house bills, receipts, tax info, and anything else you could think of. Let's just say that didn't last long. It was such a chore to find anything I was looking for! This organization method might work for some people, but I knew it wasn't working for me. After talking to my mumma, who went to school for office administration, told me that it would be more effective to have it sorted by company names, and have each tab for one purpose, filing the most recent month at the front. Exactly what I had in my head! Now to put it in action.

I quickly whipped up a template in Excel after measuring the divider tabs, and labelled them my own way (and backed them with paper that matches the case).  I figured since you never know when you might switch phone carriers or credit card companies, I would leave the headings a bit more generic. That basket I mentioned earlier? It has been housing random things, such as my Tax papers from the past few years. They will be relocated to the appropriate tabs tonight!

What do you find is the hardest part about organizing? Do you have any ideas of posts regarding organization you would like to see? I might not have all the answers, but maybe together we can find them out!!

PS - AAHHHHHH why does the mess have to get worse before it gets better? The state of my room at the moment is absolutely ridiculous!

Next up: My Quest to Organization - Part II - De-clutter (a long process)

Blah to Ooh La La

Sorry for the corny title. But it popped in my head, and no matter what I did to try and come up with another title for this post, this one stuck.

I’ve had these cheap IKEA magazine holders for a few years now. They got demoted to the closet for a couple years, but lately they’ve been taking up real estate on my shelf, looking rather bland. Not great curb appeal, if you know what I mean.  So a few nights ago, while LBF and my Fajah were figuring out why my new hard drive (more memory, clean slate with no junk? YES PLEASE) wouldn’t accept an operating system, I got to work beautifying the bland.

I know they could use something else, but I can't figure out what. If you can think of anything, please let me know!!

 Looks like it's time to redo that turquoise box on top of my photo boxes!!