Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scrapbook Course!

Sorry folks!
I've been so busy with work and just life in general, that I keep forgetting to forward the start of my tutorial on the awesome card box I made for my cousin's wedding!
Once I actually remember to forward it (hopefully tomorrow?), I will post the tutorial.

I have been asked to run a Scrapbooking class on Wednesday nights starting the end of September, and I want to do it so badly! The problem is, no one has registered yet! If you know anyone who might be interested, PLEASE get them in touch with me ASAP so I can give them all the information!

I should also start planning for my cousin's Stampin Up! show in September! I'm excited for her show and can't wait for a fun day of card making with the ladies! I have one or two ideas but am not set on anything in particular yet.. I just want to be organized before the day so I can make sure I have everything I need! If you, or anyone you know, is interested in hosting a Stampin Up! show to earn free products and have a great time with friends, give me a shout :) I'd love to demonstrate some awesome techniques for you! I have so much fun doing the shows and I know everyone enjoys themselves while they're there.

On a random side note, I have had paint for my room for almost two months now and STILL haven't gotten around to painting the one wall! How bad is that? I have been slowly but surely decluttering and trying to reorganize my room, and the rate I'm going is so slow I feel like I'm getting nowhere! It's really hard to have your craft room in your bedroom because if you don't clean up your craft stuff, your whole room looks so messy! My friends' boyfriend is building me a new TV stand and I am so excited to get it. This means I can finally get rid of some of my ugly storage units and convert other storage to craft storage! Good news all around if you ask me!
Do you have your own room for your crafting, or is it in part of another room in your house? What type of crafts do you like to do most? If you have any great organization ideas for craft supplies, I'd love to hear them!

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